Stonemont seeks to partner with select high net worth individuals, families and trusts looking to invest in a diversified offering of investments. Our proven track record has developed lasting relationships with capital partners that span over two decades.


Stonemont specializes in identifying real estate investments that fit income producing and value-add strategies. Through its rigorous selection and due diligence process, Stonemont identifies projects that minimize downside risk while maximizing upside potential. Investments are pursued with sound fundamentals and look to add value through active investment management, creative leverage structures and opportunistic exits that maximize returns to investors. Our chosen investment asset classes — single-tenant net lease and student housing — produce attractive risk/return/liquidity profiles that provide:

Effective Diversification

Stable Cash Flow

Tax Deferral

Inflation Protection

Appreciation Potential

Long-term Capital Gains


Stonemont’s senior management has longstanding industry relationships, resulting from a history of partnering with tenants, developers and the brokerage community over the last 20 years, providing a robust pipeline of investment opportunities. From ground-up development to acquisitions of existing assets, Stonemont’s pipeline provides investment partners a diversified and differentiated offering.


Across all asset classes, the real estate investment opportunities that satisfy Stonemont’s minimum selection criteria will feature:

  • Superior locations
  • A seasoned management team
  • Attractive available financing
  • At or below market rents at time of acquisition
  • High barriers to entry
  • Stable cash flow
  • The opportunity to benefit from favorable economic and demographic trends
  • Value creation programs through repositioning, renovation and enhancement