About UsEntrepreneurial Spirit Matched with Institutional Experience

Stonemont Isa private real estate investment firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia

Stonemont is a private real estate firm founded on a simple strategy: to combine the experience and resources of a large institution with the creativity and flexibility of an entrepreneurial firm. We have maintained this philosophy throughout our growth, allowing us to stand out among our peers in the real estate investment management industry.

Today, Stonemont is a diversified investment manager for public and private institutions and private capital clients, with over $5 Billion in assets under management.

SuccessBased On:

Alignment with our investors and deal partners.

Proprietary origination channels developed over decades of direct relationships and strategic partnerships, all affording us a robust pipeline of off-market opportunities.

Delivering stable income through high-quality, long-term leased properties.

Experienced internal underwriting for maximum capital yield.

Unlocking the power of real estate for our end-user clients. We help corporate users free up operating capital through long-term, strategic, and creative rent structures.

Acting decisively in changing markets, finding opportunities to benefit our investors.

Tested management teams that have flourished throughout market cycles, with proven results over 100+ years and through $20 billion in transactions.

Lasting relationships that create an unmatched view into our market.

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